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Posted Aug 5, 2011
Last Updated Oct 11, 2011
Earth and Sun Relationship

Evemorn Clock Dials 

The cause of error, falsely educated, to lie to mankind there is no God is a lie, or teaching your children rabbits lay eggs is a lie or fat men come down chimmeys. The theory of evolution is a BIG FAT LIE. The real world { man made } that we live in, is caused by deception.

The created universe and earth and existing life were created by the Great Majestic and law Giver Creator God of Heaven and Earth.

This present evil man made system { Babylon } system has been falsely educated to ignore CAUSES and deal with with effects!  Yet all of the worlds problems and ills are simply a matter of cause and effects.    There is a cause.

The cause of error , comes from a false basic premise, carelessly assumed as self-evident, and taken for granted without question, then building on that false basic hypothesis.

The word of God is the foundation of all knowledge, for revelation is the  true starting point--The concept that direct the approach to the acquisition of futher knowledge.

Mankind has rejected, The Creater God The Chief Cornor Stone.

 And Building it's own society, from the Garden of Eden mankind has been going it alone, God said you want your own here it is 6 Days, But The Sabbath is Mine.   The 7th Day.




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