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The Family Hour

Posted Oct 27, 2010
Last Updated Jul 13, 2011
The Family Hour

The photo is taken 1987, of  our trip to Grandpa & Grandma Olson my parents. My family Donna, & Donald Shawn Faith Eric Olson.  An Example only.

 The  photo can be your FAMILY. Those that you want in your Clock Dial.  Your Family Clock etc.

It is made  to HONOR GOD THE FATHER AND  JESUS THE CHRIST, the head of the whole human family, into which man is to be born into, THE WHOLE  GOD FAMILY, THEIR FINEST HOUR FOR US ALL. 

 Isaiah 52:13  -- 14. Matthew 26:36 -- 45.  27:45 -- 54.   With this in mind.

"Remember"  the 6th hour is the begining of the 7th.


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